Monthly Archive: September, 2013

PRIMO!: Review: 2 Chainz B.O.A.T.S 2: #MeTime PRIMO! Magazine Online 24 SEPTEMBER 2013 The man who only asks for one birthday present has dropped a follow-up album in ‘B.O.A.T.S 2# Me Time.’ Does it live up to the ‘Based on a… Continue reading

PRIMO!: Review: Diary of a Trap God by Gucci Mane PRIMO! Magazine Online 20 SEPTEMBER 2014 Gucci Mane’s latest mixtape “Diary of a Trap God” was released like a drop in a Twitter Tsunami. Last week he went positively ape-shit, firing cyber shots at practically… Continue reading

REELGOOD: The Scorpion King Dilemma: Is CGI Still Practical? REELGOOD Magazine Online 17 SEPTEMBER 2013 At their best, films are an escape. When the actors, plots and effects are persuasive, we reach another world. When these elements are unconvincing, we remember… Continue reading